Henny Reumerman Photography

Urban Exploring

Meelfabriek Leiden. This fabric is closed for many years, but still not accesable. Nuova koetshuis. Belongs to Villa Nuova, this koetshuis was totally burned in 2004 but will be renovated Villa Nuova Alphen. House in eclectische style from 1768 in Alphen aan de Rijn, this will be renovated in the future Avis Westzaan. Paint Factory in Westzaan, demolition has started already. So within a few days there is nothing left
Meelfabriek Villa Nuova 1 Villa Nuova 2 Avis Westzaan
Camping Molshoop Baarn. De Zonnestraal Hilversum. Old hospital at the Loosdrechtse bos Droste fabric Haarlem. This was a big chocolate factory NDSM droogdok Amsterdam. This was a huge shipyard, now there are living special artists until it will be renovated
Camping de Molshoop De Zonnestraal Utrecht Droste Haarlem NDSM Amsterdam
Train station Ijmuiden. On my way home from the Hoogovens in Ijmuiden I found this abanded little station Malmar Gent. Their speciality lies in the automotive sector. The company still exist but is on a new modern location Fillature New Orleans Gent. This was a verry big cotton fabrick. In 1990 they stopped the production in the factory Castle Mesen in Lede. The castle is from the beginning 1230, it was lately jused for children school. Since 1972 it is closed and in verry verry bad shape and will be demolished this year
Station Ijmuiden Malmar Gent Fillature NewOrleans Castle Mesen
Hollandia Wol Veenendaal. Groothandelsmarkt Gent. Big market for fruit, this will be demolished shortly, to take place for a football stadion Ferry Kruiningen Perkpolder. Terminal for transporting people from Kruiningen to Perkpolder by ferry Burgerlijke Stand Gent, Registry Office Gent
Hollandia Veenendaal Groothandelsmarkt Gent Terminal Kruiningen Registry Office Gent
Old Graveyard in Leiden Anco Macaroni Fabrik Turnhout Alsberghe & van Oost, known for all the graffity on the walls Demolished Craneroad for ships in Amsterdam
Old Graveyard Leiden Anco Turnhout Alsberghe & Van Oost Yard Amsterdam
Filature du Rabot Gent Spinnery Baronie Chocolate Factory in Alphen a/d Rijn Scholte Vleeswaren in Hazerswoude Fort Chartreuse Liege
Filature du Rabot Baronie Alphen Offermans Vleeswaren Fort Chartreuse
Montzen Gare Hasard Cheratte Liege Hasard Cheratte Revised Otzenrath Germay Ghost Town
Montzen Gare Hasard Cheratte Liege Hasard Cheratte Part 2 Otzenrath Ghosttown
Grotius Beton Gorinchem Otzenrath Germay Ghost Town Otzenrath Germay Ghost Town Bruynzeel Polymeer Zaandam
Grotius Beton Otzenrath Ghosttown 2 Otzenrath HDR Bruynzeel Polymeer
Bruynzeel Polymeer Zaandam PontMeyer Westzaan Wastora Factory Zaandam Verkade Zaandam
Bruynzeel HDR PontMeyer Westzaan Wastora Zaandam Verkade Zaandam
Old and Rusty Verkade Zaandam Farm at Wemeldinge Zeeland Bunkers at Ijmuiden
Old and Rusty Verkade Zaandam 2 Farm at Wemeldinge Bunkers Ijmuiden
Waterloopkundig Laboratorium Zeepziederij De Adelaar Wormerveer Zeepziederij De Adelaar Wormerveer Dijkstra Lampen
Waterbouwkundig Lab De Adelaar Deel 1 De Adelaar Deel 2 Dijkstra Lampen
Bunkers in Netherlands Meelfabriek Leiderdorp Secret Location Big Boss Leiden
Dutch Bunkers Meelfabriek Leiderdorp Secret Location Big Boss Leiden
Bunkers in Netherlands part 2 Stork Fokker Loods Hoogmerk Machinefabriek Rusty in Rest
Dutch Bunkers 2 Stork Loods Hoogmerk Leersum Rusty in Rest
Old Police Motor Slachthuis Leiden Metropole Theater DEO Haarlem
Police Motor Slachthuis Leiden Metropole Theater DEO Haarlem
Urbexation 2006 Katwijk Brewery Stella Artois Brewery Eylenbosch
Urbexation 2006 Katwijk Stella Artois Brewery Eylenbosch
Brewery Eylenbosch2 Breendonk Militair Arsenaal Missil Oil
Eylenbosch part 2 Breendonk Militair Arsenaal BBH Oil
Klooster Huize Agnes Woonwagenkamp MHO
Klooster Belgie Huize Agnes Woonwagenkamp MHO Oostende
RTT Voetbalveld Alkmaarderhout Hofstade
Home RTT Football Field Alkmaarderhout Zwembad Hofstade
Chateau Dakpannenfabriek dadipark dadipark
Chateau Belgique Dakpannenfabriek Dadipark 1 Dadipark 2
schouwburg schouwburg walem mesen
Schouwburg Haarsnijderij Fortress Walem Chateau Mesen 2
mortuarium crypt duparc schotte
Mortuarium Abandoned Crypt DuParc Aalst Schotte Aalst
chateau chateau2 hospital barbanson
Chateau Henry Chateau Henry 2 Hospital Mechelen Kwartier Barbanson
rochendaal goetsenhoven molen tankstation
Rochendaal Goetsenhoven Dutch Mill Tankstation
kinderhuis trains animal asylus castle
Child House Abandoned Trains Dierenasiel Castle Somewhere